Typographic identity for TAMUZ, an Israeli culture museum. 

Israeli culture is rich in ways of expression, techniques, styles, and deals with a variety of subjects, reflecting attempts to establish a local identity.

The museum's concept is to examine the connection between the influences of the past, beginning with the arts brought by the pioneers from their origin countries, and the various influences from which the artists draw their inspiration today. Connect the past and the future.

The conceptual starting point For the design, i made a connection between embroidery (which characterizes the clothing of the pioneers of the Second Aliyah and in general, connects to the world of workmanship and creativity) and the pixel (as a representation of creation today and its fast and digital traits). In both cases, this is a clear and closed geometric form, which through repetition and colorful change, different images can be created.

Guidance: Dekel Maimon

Color Palette:

Constructing the letters:

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