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Packaging design for baking products. Baking, especially quality baking, is a complex endeavor. High-quality pastries are made of many layers, both in terms of flavors and textures, and also in terms of preparation stages.

The inspiration for the design is derived from geological maps, in which the formation of the different strata of the rock can be seen. In each product, I chose to show the different layers related to making a pastry. Each layer represents a raw material as a diagram that describes the preparation of the pastry. In addition, on the back of the package you can see a recipe related to the product and the pastry described in the graphics on the packaging.


Guidance: Dekel Maimon 

קמחים 2.jpg
קמחים 1.jpg
אבקת אפייה.jpg
אבקת סוכר.jpg
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