Ab Excelsis, In Profundis

The meaning of "Ab Excelsis, In Profundis" in Latin is, from above to the depths. This book is a design tribute to the writer, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde.

In designing the book, I tried to create a new design interpretation of a poetry book, using motifs related to the content in question, but no less so to the unique character and lifestyle of the writer.

The book is divided into three chapters: the first chapter contains Oscar Wilde's poems, the second contains the letter he wrote during his incarceration called "De Profundis" (from the depths, in Latin) and the second chapter contains only photographs. The design narrative, like the name of the book, strives to trace the course of the writer's life and their decline.


Guidance: Efrat Nir

© 2020 by Sharon Katz Raveh