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Life as a Parable

A book interpretation. Life as a parable is Pinchas Sadeh's first book. The book was published in 1958, and is considered a cult book that influenced many.

This is an autobiographical book, written when he was only 27 years old. The book is characterized by an extroverted and narcissistic story, placing the narrator in the center, thoughts about death and descriptions of the sex life of the narrator, and more.

In this project, I created a new interpretation for three selected chapters of the book, referring to its absurd nature. Each chapter has its own style of design related to ideas that come from the content.


Guidance: Michael Gordon

The first chapter deals with his military service during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and his total detachment from the situation, which is emphasized by the typographic images.


The second chapter takes place during his stay in London, where the places and people are merely a backdrop to what is happening. The map, used as a wrapper, has no tags and the places he visits are marked but can not be identified. The accompanying illustrations constitute illogical images.

shirat 1.jpg
shirat 2
shirat 4
shirat 6
shirat 5

In the third chapter, he works as a shepherd in the Sea of ​​Galilee, compares himself to Jesus and sums up all his feats and accomplishments. It is shaped like a miniature psalms book, and hand bound by me.

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